Seiko is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to watches, let alone when it comes to an automatic dive watch. It is no coincidence that I have reviewed Seiko’s notorious Orange Monster before. Seiko knew what they were doing with that watch back then but can the said be same for the SKX173? We are going to find out!

The SKX173 is much different in look than its sister, the Orange Monster. First and foremost (and the most obvious different) is found on the face of the watch itself. The Orange Monster is so aptly named for its bright, bold orange face. On the other hand, the SKX173 has just a simple black face. For some people, this may be a negative aspect of the watch if you are looking for something fun, unique, and eye-catching. However, if you are looking for a sporty watch that won’t demand too much attention and can go with about whatever you are wearing, the SKX173 is a great option for you. Also, you can keep in mind that the Lumibrite hands, bezel, and markers will be more easily seen because of the black background it is against. Reviewers of this model have also mentioned that the Lumibrite glow tends to last much longer on this watch compared to its competition which is a definite plus if you are diving at night, in murky water, or just walking around in a darker area.

At 42mm, this watch is sturdy but it is not so big where you look like you are weighed down by your watch either. There is also a day and date calendar on the watch that can help you track what day it is when you are swamped at work and looking forward to Friday.

The SKX173 is an automatic dive watch. If you are new to this blog or to the concept of what an automatic dive watch is, I am more than happy to help you out. An automatic dive watch does not depend on a battery like most watches with a quartz movement for example. Instead, an automatic dive watch is powered by the swaying of ones arm or of any other sort of movement. There is no need to worry about a battery leaking into your watch or having it replaced. It runs on the power of you.

One of the most important features found on any dive watch is the bezel. Bezels are most commonly used to track the time that a diver has spent underwater which allows them to accurately calculate the future ascent to the surface. On a SKX173, the bezel rotates in a unidirectional fashion. It is made out of sturdy stainless steel (like the rest of the watch) which makes it hardy and easy to take the abuse of use that divers may place upon it. The markers on the bezel are also pretty large which makes it easy to read especially if you are underwater.

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This Seiko men’s watch is proved to go up to 200m in the water. That is about 660 feet of pressure! Most divers do not dive to that depth but if you do, you will be in good hands. The SKX173 also is protected by Hardlex crystal which is why it can withstand such depth. Hardlex crystal is also scratch-resistant which allows the life of the watch to be extended and really, who wants to look at their watch and see a mess of scratches?

One issue I see that some folks may have is in the band of the watch itself. The stainless steel of the case is not carried to the band. Instead, the band is made of Polyurethane and is also a buckle. So, if you were wanting to wear this watch with a nice suit, you may want to get an extra band or replace it completely. Sure! Polyurethane can be reliable but it just does not compare to the class and strength of stainless steel.

All in all, this Seiko Men’s SKX173automatic dive watchis one great value for the price. Yes, if you are looking for something attention grabbing and classy, the SKX173 may not be for you. But, if you want a sporty watch that you know will be by you while you dive, you can count on this one.

—>>>The Seiko Men’s SKX173 — CLICK HERE TO BUY<<<---

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